Last Minute Halloween Table And Costume

I absolutely love Halloween… It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays. It’s the one time of year you get to dress up as whoever or whatever you want to be whether it’s your favorite tv/ cartoon character, a zombie, throwback era, or your alter ego; all without judgments or awkward looks.

My favorite part of this ghoulish holiday is creating my own costume and of course designing a table.

Come take a peek at my halloween.

Cookie Lyon Costume

This year with all the rage of the Fox hit show Empire, I decided to be Cookie Lyon (who doesn’t want to be a music mogul/ ex-con for a day, right?) this costume was created with things I already had in my closet (and borrowed from someone else’s closet).

 Here’s how you can pull it off too:

  • Dress from JCPenney
  • Chinese Laundry Black Knee-High Boots from Amazon
  • Fuchsia Gloves with matching Fuchsia Clutch
  • Borrowed Furs
  • Ponytail

Doc McStuffins Costume

My 2 year old loves Doc McStuffins and Minnie Mouse. So hard to choose which to be but we (I) ultimately decided to go with Doc McStuffins; especially since she has the entire set of characters.

  • Doc McStuffins Lab Coat and Stethoscope from Big Lots (came as a set)
  • Doc McStuffins Pink Sparkly Shoes from JCPenney
  • Doc McStuffins Headband from Party City
  • Striped Purple Shirt and White Leggings from Wal-Mart (I cut the sleeves from the shirt and attached them to the bottom of the leggings with a Halloween-themed button
  • Handmade Book of Booboos with Crayon

Halloween Tablescape




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